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Hello, I am Preet and want to make new friends. I love to meet new people and enjoy with them. Being a model, I usually come in touch with men from elite class. They approach me to mate and ready to pay me any amount. Travelling is my passion and I love to visit several places. Anyone can hire me for a long trip as well because I enjoy fun for long time. It is also safe to visit outside the city and have fun. To maintain my figure, I do a lot of workouts daily for 1 hour. Spending time in gym is good for me because it keeps me fit and in a good shape. My physician also ensures to keep all things intact and take care of my health properly.

Alluring Physical Features

I approach all types of men because I understand every man wants to sleep with me and wants to play with my curvy figure. Enjoying time in a majestic manner is something that will give me utmost pleasure. I give complete to support to my clients while doing lovemaking. My expertise in doing all kinds of positions in bed gives me confidence to satisfy everyone.

I understand the meaning of client satisfaction because whosoever meet me call me back. My clients come back to me time and again. Since my childhood, I have been attracted toward boys. I used to feel like making love with them but unable to make it possible. Someone told me about escorts and I thought to become a full time escort. After that I have been regularly meeting new people and having fun with them.

Name Preet Saxena

Age 22

Weight 53 Kg.

Height 5'4"

Hair Black

Eyes Black

Education Graduation

Dress Casual, Traditional and formal

Languages English, Tamil and Hindi

Travel Scope India

Location chandigarh, Tamilnadu

Nationality Indian

Hobbies Watching Movies and Dancing

Sexuality Heterosexual

Favorite Place Kerala and Shimla

Favorite Color Purple and White

Phone Number +91-9810465031

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